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On my YouTube channel you'll find sample tutorials, tips for arranging or reading music, session playing and more!

Learn this Scottish lament the traditional way, by ear!

If you want to play in Irish sessions,

but don't know how it's done...

start here!

Struggling with playing hands together? Try these tips.

Want to arrange your own tunes? Try these creative tips to get your started.

Even more educational resources are available on the Mastering Celtic Music Club!

What viewers are saying:

Hi Tiffany....Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your tutorial videos on YouTube! I have taken harp lessons for a couple of years, but had never tried to learn a tune by ear. I am LOVING it! It is such a different way to learn from what I am used to, but I am really enjoying learning from your videos! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it! It has made a world of difference in my harp playing and enjoyment!



You're my dream come true. You've made me realize how I learn best and now I can continue in this way. Great choices of music too!


(Singing while playing tutorial)

Thank you so much! I really want to learn to sing with chords. I get so lost without the right hand melody... and don’t feel confident with my voice. But the way you explained it really helps and encourages me. Blessings,


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