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If you love connecting with other Celtic harpers, learning the ins and outs of how to play traditional music, join the club!

In the Mastering Celtic Music Club you have access to:

Multi-level Celtic sheet music arrangements every month 

Downloadable Video Workshops, teaching you arrangements, ideas to arrange yourself, or other workshop topics

Monthly Virtual Harp Session on Zoom (and the replays)

NEW! Right now we are running temporary group lessons,
exploring beginner harp technique every other Tuesday on Zoom.
Perfect for self-taught harpers or those who need a technique refresher. It's open to all club members, starting at $5/month! 



For about six months now I have had the privilege of being a member of Tiffany's Patreon group [Mastering Celtic Music Club]. In this time with her diverse exercises and events she has taken a non musician (on the harp) to a point where he has played with the local Celtic group and occasionally in public and even played a part in some original composition. I can heartily recommend her to anyone who loves the harp.

-Andrew Hardy

This is why I joined your [club]. You empower people to arrange music. I have never considered this until I joined one of the your live zoom meetings. You made it so simple, fun and informative. The tools I got from you for Skye Boat Song and on Child Christ Lullaby are expanding my horizon.

-Sharon B.

This is the type of stuff I especially love to learn and play!...there are always tips and tricks to pick up from watching your tutorials, even if I decide to not learn the piece. Thank you!


Did You Know?

Whether you're a club member or not, our free Facebook Community is open to all Celtic musicians!