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Cleveland Celtic Ensemble Concerts:

Enjoy the ethereal sounds of the Celtic world in a chamber music ensemble setting. Brian and Kristen Bigley, Ian Crane, and Tiffany Schaefer bring a unique combination of Irish uilleann pipes and Scottish small pipes, violin, flute, harp and voice.
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August 28, 2022 3:00 pm:
CCE at Lakewood Presbyterian Church, Lakewood Ohio

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September 10, 2022 7:30 pm: CCE at St. Noel Church, Willoughby Hills, Ohio
Details TBA

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US National Scottish Harp Championship

June 25, 2022: Ohio Scottish Games
Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, Middleburg Heights OH, 44130

Join us for the US Scottish Harp Nationals, sponsored by the Learned Kindred of Currie.
Competition begins at 9:30 am, in building #27a

Come to compete, or to cheer on our competitors!
Categories range from Beginner to Master, with special categories such as Harp in Ensemble and Harp & Voice. Pre-registration fee includes an entry ticket. 
Pre-register for the competition here.
RULES may be found here.

There are many other things to see and do at the Ohio Scottish Games, such as fiddle, pipes, and dance competitions, Highland athletics, musical entertainment, vendors and more.
Additionally, on Friday night, June 24, there will be a harp workshop at 6pm followed by an open session for all instruments at 7pm.

TICKETS for Friday and Saturday may be found here.

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Zoom Workshops:

Lever Harp Virtual Retreat with
Rachel Clemente, Tiffany Schaefer, Stephanie Claussen and Amelia Romano
August 24-27, 2022
Early bird price (until June 25) $25 per class
Full rate: $30 per class
Concert tickets: $15

Email to register: contact@ameliaromano.com

Description of Tiffany's August workshops:


Getting Hands to Work Together, Fri 8/26 at 9am PDT, 12pm EDT: This workshop is ideal for beginning harpists who are starting in adulthood with the harp as their first instrument, or who are coming to the harp from a single line melody instrument. We will cover tips and exercises for getting your hands to do two different things simultaneously, and will learn a simple arrangement with a customizable left hand so that you may practice this skill. Sheet music and handouts provided. 


Arranging Airs for Harp & Voice, Sat 8/27 at 11am PDT, 2pm EDT: This workshop is for the intermediate player who has a fairly good grasp on technique, rhythm, and playing with both hands, but who would like advice and creative ideas for arrangements when the melody is not needed. We will cover several different patterns that fit nicely under the hands which can be "plugged" into different chords to go under your singing, as well as introductions, interludes and endings for vocal airs. Traditional Scottish song Loch Lomond, in the key of D, will be used as an example and sheet music and handouts will be provided. 



Monthly Workshops with the Mastering Celtic Music Club

Join us for a workshop every month! Generally Second Saturdays at 11am EDT
(Back-up date: Second Fridays at 1:00pm EDT) 

Head to www.patreon.com/tiffanyharpandsong and choose "Bundle #2: Sheet Music and Workshops." You can cancel anytime or stay and keep learning!
Workshop recordings are available for download on the site.


Irish Session Accompaniment with Nye Farley and Tiffany Schaefer
This live event is past, but you can still

purchase the recording and handouts here.
A complete guide to Irish session accompaniment brought to you by the founder of Folk Friend and Finale Guitar Nye Farley, and harpist Tiffany Schaefer of Mastering Celtic Music! In this 4 hour online workshop (conducted over Zoom) we’ll be showing you everything you need to know to accompany tunes by ear, including the theory behind the “Celtic modes” (Ionian, Dorian, Mixolydian and Aeolian), how to find the right chords for tunes in each, substitutions, inversions, jazz chords, bass runs, harp patterns, and more!
We’ll even teach you a new tune while we’re there.


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