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Cleveland Celtic Ensemble

Enjoy the ethereal sounds of the Celtic world in a chamber music ensemble setting. Brian and Kristen Bigley, Ian Crane, and Tiffany Schaefer bring a unique combination of Irish uilleann pipes and Scottish small pipes, violin, flute, harp and voice.
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Sunday, July 28, 2024 - 230pm:

Tickets here

Friday, September 20, 2024 - 7pm:
No tickets needed; freewill offering accepted

Church website


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Saturday, August 31, 10am-12pm: 5 Points Coffee & Tea
Tiffany and Kristen will be joined by fiddler Jack Hugues! They will soundtrack
your coffee and treats with Irish and Scottish favorites.
Join them at West Park's favorite coffee shop. Music begins
at 10am.


Tiffany & Kristen

Traditional and contemporary Celtic dance music, songs and exquisite airs

on harp, fiddle and vocals.



Tiffany & Andrew

Armagh born singer-songwriter Andrew McManus joins Tiffany Schaefer for original songs and Irish traditional ballads.

5 Points Sept 2021 cropped.jpg

Stay tuned for more from Tiffany and Andrew!

Learn with Tiffany at these harp events:

The Harp Gathering, May 17-19, 2024

Tiffany will be a featured presenter at the 2024 Harp Gathering in Archbold, Ohio
. Keep an eye on the website for registration and other amazing presenters - including names like Stephanie Claussen, Hannah Flowers, and much more - at

Ohio Scottish Arts School, June 22-28, 2024

Tiffany will be one of 5 Scottish harp teachers at OSAS 2024. Watch for registration information on our website,

Online Workshops:

Monthly Workshops with the Mastering Celtic Music Club

Join us for a workshop every month! Generally Second Saturdays at 11am Eastern Time
(Back-up date: Second Fridays at 1:00pm Eastern Time) 

Head to and choose "Bundle #2: Sheet Music and Workshops." You can cancel anytime or stay and keep learning!
Workshop recordings are available for download on the site.

Irish Session Accompaniment with Nye Farley and Tiffany Schaefer
This live event is past, but you can still

purchase the recording and handouts here.
A complete guide to Irish session accompaniment brought to you by the founder of Folk Friend and Finale Guitar Nye Farley, and harpist Tiffany Schaefer of Mastering Celtic Music! In this 4 hour online workshop (conducted over Zoom) we’ll be showing you everything you need to know to accompany tunes by ear, including the theory behind the “Celtic modes” (Ionian, Dorian, Mixolydian and Aeolian), how to find the right chords for tunes in each, substitutions, inversions, jazz chords, bass runs, harp patterns, and more!
We’ll even teach you a new tune while we’re there.

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