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NEW SINGLE! Download Griogal Cridhe on Bandcamp:

Listen to a few of my favorite pieces.

More are added to my YouTube channel every month.

Siuil a Run

-Traditional Irish (LIVE)

Castle of Dromore

-Traditional Irish

Atholl Highlanders

-Traditional Scottish

Ask about Duos, Trios, and Ensembles!

Read more about the Cleveland Celtic Ensemble,

Tiffany and Kristen (fiddle and harp)

Andrew and Tiffany (harp, guitar, and voice)

or Song & Story here.

All Videos

All Videos

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"I do not know of anyone else who manages to feel her way into a melody like you do. You manage to express that feeling so intensely yet lightly...your music is quite magical!"


I was struck with your capability and professionalism. It was a very musical experience for the audience. You have something to say as an artist, and you do it very well, very convincingly and honestly, if that makes any sense. Absolutely nothing artificial or phony...I was really able to hear what you wanted to express. 

-Alix B.

Whenever I hear you play the harp, I envision an ornate music box being opened for the listener to enjoy.

-Christopher T.

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